Natural Gas

As owner and operator, Major Pipeline works very hard to ensure safety is the number one priority when working on pipelines. At Major, our staff regularly attends safety courses to continue to ensure the best safety practices and procedures available are utilized.



Miss Dig –

Digging can be an expensive, dangerous venture; underground facilities are extremely vulnerable to damage during any type of excavating.  Each year millions of dollars are spent in property damage, personal injuries, even loss of life. This is why Major Pipeline makes sure to participate with each state and their call out service to mark all underground facilities owned and operated by Major Pipeline, LLC:


Michigan- Miss Dig         1-800-482-7171  or  811

Miss Dig (Michigan) serves as a message handling notification service for underground facility owners. Miss Dig takes information about your planned excavation and distributes the information to Miss Dig members. It is then the members’ responsibility of each facility owner to mark the approximate location of their underground facilities at the excavation site.

Below are the Color Codes used in Michigan when marking:





Wyoming- One Call Wyoming                   1-800-849-2476 or 811