Amble Pipeline & Gathering

Amble Pipeline & Gathering is responsible for two Wyoming projects; Crump Ranch Gathering System and Coal Dust Pipeline.

Crump Ranch Gathering System

Crump Ranch gathering and compression serves two Coal Bed Methane Producers delivering gas into Rimrock Pipeline and Bitter Creek Pipeline.  The system went into service in 2005.

Location: Campbell County, Wyoming

Pipe: 2″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ Poly, 120 psig

Compression: 3512 Cat driven Ariel Compressor with 5 psig suction and 1200 psig discharge

Gathering System: 86 Coal Bed Methane wells

Contractor: Double D Construction

Coal Dust Pipeline

Location: Campbell County, Wyoming

Pipe:  4″, 180 psig Poly

Length: 4.26 miles

Transporting:  Coal Bed Methane

Construction:  Double D Construction

Coal Dust Pipeline was constructed in 2008 to an existing Coal Bed Methane gathering system delivering to the High Plains Transmission system.

Clear Creek Pipeline

Location: Johnson County, Wyoming

Pipe: 10″ Steel, 6.4 miles in length

Transporting: Coal Bed Methane Natural Gas

Construction: U.W.I. Contractors

Radiographic Inspection: High Mountain Inspection

Rimrock Pipeline

Location: Campbell, Sheridan and Johnson Counties, Wyoming

Pipe: 39.43 miles of 12″ steel  and 28.14 miles of 16″ steel

Transporting: Coal Bed Methane Natural Gas

Design Engineer: PACE Engineering

Construction: Welded Construction

Radiographic Inspection: Mid American

Rimrock Pipeline is 67.57 miles of 12″ and 16″ pipe designed to carry Coal Bed Methane gas with delivery points into Thunder Creek and WBI pipelines located in Campbell County, Wyoming.  The system can operate up to 1440 psig and was constructed in 2002.  Initial construction included four receipt meters and one delivery meter station and was completed with full pigging facilities.